Our People

Having an engaged, well-trained and loyal staff is at the core of Scutum’s success and as a responsible employer, we attach the utmost importance to the values that sustain a healthy and productive company culture across our 34 offices around Europe and in the USA.

The Scutum Group continued its growth strategy with the acquisitions of new businesses within the Safety & Defence, Fire Protection and Electronic Security around Europe and in the United States. This fast expansion has brought opportunities offered by a culturally diverse workforce and Management team who can work together to find solutions to diminish new threats posed by modern living.

In addition, this international expansion has provided more opportunities for professional growth for our employees, some of whom have been offered job positions in other countries, facilitating expertise and language exchange within the Scutum Group.

In this new context, our company values are the basis by which we will continue to lead the industry as the fastest growing private Safety & Security company by maintaining a single company culture that delivers on our value promise to “shield our customers’ future”.



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