Business Continuity Plan


The Scutum Group is constantly evolving its activities, processes and modes of operation to adapt to ever changing market conditions. Our Business Continuity Plan is our promise to customers and partners that we will at all circumstances, put measures in place to ensure the stability and reliability of the Safety, Security and Fire Protection solutions that we provide around Europe.


In order to guarantee and consistently improve the security of our staff and working tools, Scutum foresees and anticipates threats that may impact our daily operations by identifying and putting in place measures to prevent different kinds of risks in our Business Continuity Plan.

This comprehensive plan allow us to take all the necessary measures included in the overall risk management and disaster recovery strategy.

The Business Continuity Plan at the Scutum Group comprises of 4 series of measures:

  • Measures to maintain activity
  • Work organisation measures
  • Prevention measures
  • Internal communication measures (employees and staff representative bodies) and external (customers and partners)

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