The Scutum Group (‘Scutum’ means ‘shield’/protect in Latin) are one of the leading European players in Safety, Security and Fire Protection, with a mission to provide innovative, predictive and cost-effective solutions to protect people, data, infrastructures, and goods.

Through continuous investment in technology and unique expertise, the Group has grown into a €184 Million organisation with 1,554 employees, present in several offices and Monitoring Centres in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Switzerland.

From all of our locations, the Scutum Group serves a wide range of customers sectors such as Governments, Retail, Banking, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and many others, currently organised and divided within 4 business units:

Scutum Electronic Security

Providing the integration of security systems and monitoring services for over 30 years. Scutum offers its clients global security, remote surveillance and remote services solutions.

Scutum Fire Protection

Offering Fire safety solutions to industrial, service companies and other public spaces.

Scutum Risk Management

Support for complex projects on the major industrial aerospace, marine and defence industries as well as solutions such as assistance for expatriated and traveling personnel.

Scutum Cyber Defense

Providing cutting-edge cybersecurity products and services to all sectors.

Scutum has developed its business verticals through organic growth and acquisitions, with a particular strength in successfully integrating acquired companies into its core business units.

On a daily basis, the Scutum Group manages over 100,000 connected sites around Europe on a daily basis, supporting companies in preventing and reducing crime.

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