One of the core expertise of the Scutum Group in terms of product development strategy is the creation of interconnectivity between the various security solutions offered by the Group: Intruder alarms connected to indoor cameras; parking access control integrated with LPR management systems; biometric registers integrated in compliance with GDPR Regulation and companies active directories. The security environment of tomorrow is a fully digital, cyber-ready and IA-powered (Artificial Intelligence), based on the global integration of our product portfolio. And meeting our customers’ expectations of such intelligent, cost-effective and predictive safety and security solutions, the Scutum Group is currently leading innovation in this field.

The Scutum Group is the only Safety & Security company covering the three main areas of Solutions development, equipment installation, and remote monitoring, with full ownership and quality control of each stage.

Some of the main reasons why the Scutum Group is able to successfully address the needs of our core customer groups (Small, Medium and Large size companies and Governments) are mainly due to:

  • 1 International entity dedicated to technology sourcing and OEM integration, and in charge of understanding market demands and customers’ expectations;
  • 26 Equipment integration and installation companies all over Europe, who set up technologies and solutions to be monitored and digitally operated by:
  • 4 Monitoring centres responsible for providing Alarm Receiving Centre services, and also Digital Monitoring Centres services such as IA (Artificial Intelligence) video analysis.

Moreover, focusing on Research, Sourcing, and Development:

  •  The Scutum Group has a special relationship with 22 of some of the biggest manufacturers of security products in the world;
  • 4 In-house dedicated R&D Centres – Lausanne, Switzerland, Rouen, France, Düsseldorf, Germany and Oxford, United Kingdom;
  • Customised in-house product and software development based on customer needs/expectations, facilitating third-party integration (using their own SDK and API);
  • Embracing 21st-century challenges by upgrading our hardware to the latest CE, FCC, RoHS, Reach and other critical EU and USA certification;

The Scutum Group’s proprietary equipment uses state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT (Internet of Things) and Machine Learning not only to react but to predict risks, and thus support our customers in avoiding fire, theft, violence, loss data, life-threatening situations worldwide and reputation damage.

Our latest IP cameras contain:

  • Deep learning
  • Recognition systems
  • Big Data Analysis System
  • Detection of multiple objects in complex scenes
  • VCA functions
  • Auto tracking/ action tracking
  • Automatic Infrared led adjustment
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in video output
  • Thermal & temperature detection
  • Voice auto tracking
  • Heat map
  • People counting (For Retail and other industries)
  • Fisheye view cameras
  • Mobile solutions
  • Regional invasion
  • Video intelligent play & smart search

Intrusion solutions

When it comes to Intrusion solutions, Scutum offers customised and advanced technologies:

  • The latest PCBA tools;
  • Unique motion detector utilising a single passive infrared and microwave technology;
  • Designed for outdoor use in the most severe climate conditions;
  • High reliability greatly reducing the possibility of false alarms;


Safety & Defence Solutions

The Safety & Defence technology was developed to anticipate criminal, social, health-related and environmental threats faced by travellers and business expatriates in 192 countries.

  • Advanced App Support;
  • Remote Monitoring;
  • Geolocation;
  • SOS;
  • Tracking App;
  • Training & E-learning.


TeleHealth & Telecare Solutions

For over 30 years the Scutum Group has been developing solutions to support vulnerable and elderly individuals to continue to enjoy an independent and healthy life with TeleHealth & Telecare solutions backed up by our Monitoring Centres

  • 24/7 Remote Assistance;
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and smart wearable technology
  • Alarm systems.

Fire Protection Equipment

Fire Protection is another great focus for the Scutum Group with products and services that not only meet European and USA Fire Protection Regulations, but that support our customers in preventing catastrophic fire outbreaks with multilevel security systems. Our IP Technology allows a secure and fast distribution of information to all relevant touchpoints, offering comprehensive and vital information at any given time so users can make clear and rapid decisions regarding alarms, faults, contamination, power failure and etc.

  • IP Technology (For intelligent situation analysis and effective reaction)
  • Real-time reporting;
  • Sensors;
  • Alarm systems;
  • Fire detection and suppression equipment;
  • Fire and gas extinguishers;
  • High hazard protection equipment;
  • Water mist;
  • Vesda;
  • Intercom;
  • Voice alarms;
  • Pava;
  • Emergency lighting;
  • Sprinklers
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