Digital Monitoring Centres

The Scutum Group has a track record of successful integration of new companies into the group by leveraging the local know-how with optimised processes, aligned with an increasingly strong brand.

Protected by the Scutum Group’s Business Continuity Plan, which has been set up according to the highest standards in the Security industry (NSI Gold in the UK, APSAD P3 in France, VDS in Germany, INSERT in Belgium), our Digital Monitoring Centres securely process data of over 50,000 security systems daily, trusted by the largest and most reputable companies and public institutions in Europe.


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24/7 Monitoring/Alarm Receiving Centres

Our Monitoring/Alarm Receiving Centres – Scutum Digital – are located in France (Rouen and Toulouse), the UK (Harlow and Plymouth) and Germany (Frankfurt) providing 24/7 (365 days a year) security solutions to Governments, businesses and individuals through multi-skilled Security Analysts, and interconnected by our in-house Eridan™ Predictive Security System, powered by Artificial Intelligence to predict, not only react to a variety of risks such as intrusion, fire and many other threats.



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+44 (0) 844 335 6322




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