About the scutum brand

Scutum (Scoo-tum) means shield in the Latin, which was also influenced by the Celtic dialects from Northern Italy and by the Greek language. And from the Greek God of Victory: Nike, also comes Scutum’s “hero” brand identity of top performance and achievement – as our core solutions anticipate and preventing a great number of risks that threaten people, data, infrastructures, and goods.

Hence, the Scutum brand is positioned and defined by its premium, yet cost-effective Security Solutions, aligning our business objectives, our brand identity and our company’s behaviour in the market with the brand values of Trust, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Internationalisation.

Our choice of sponsorships reflect the holistic experiences that connect us with our customers in a meaningful way.

We are one of the major sponsors of the WASPS Rugby team in the UK,  the Stade Français Saint Cloud Volleyball team in France, and we have been also one of the major sponsors of the Racing 92 Rugby Union in France, in addition to participating in and promoting other sports activities such as sailing, golf and marathons around Europe.

Watch the Scutum #ShieldYourFuture video with the Racing 92 rugby team

Scutum group