Safety & Defence


The Safety & Defence Business Unit is specialised in on-site technical assistance and support for complex projects with high expertise in technical project integration and management of Safety, Security, and quality requirements for the Industrial, Civil & Military Aeronautics, Military Automotive, Naval, Nuclear and Complex Systems industries with:

  • 150 highly experienced and qualified personnel
  • Various European and international certifications of service (ISO 9001:2015, CEFRI/SPE-E-0400)
  • High tech Project Engineering, equipment maintenance, training, quality control and analysis of
    technical problems



The Risk Management & Prevention BU protects international businesses, its travelling employees and expatriates from a variety of risks: Terrorism, civil and political unrest, crime, natural disasters, amongst other risks with:

  • A unique 24/7 intuitive Digital Platform
  • Safety and security information, analytical reports and assistance in 192 countries
  • Over 2,500,000 trips and 1200000 PNR handled annually


The Cybersecurity & Cyberdefence BU, based on its strong experience & recognized knowledge of the field, provides expertise in:

  • IT Systems security audits  (ISO 27001 compliance , OIV, OSE… )
  • Security of IT critical systems (design and hardening)
  • Security Governance  (prevention, monitoring, remediation…)
  • Cyber incidents crisis management.


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