Executive team

The role of the Scutum Group’s leadership team is to focus on local value creation while maintaining a wider European-wide orientation, which ensures the development and manufacture of products aligned with regional customer needs. Our Executive team combine a solid expertise in the Safety & Security, Fire Protection and Electronic Security segments and work closely in the consistent implementation of our strategy, which has facilitated Scutum’s fast growth over last thirty years, supported our strategic pillars of: Trust, Innovation, internationalisation and Entrepreneurship, which will remain our priorities. These values support our business models in the digital age and are aligned with our vision of designing the future of Predictive Security and to shield the future of our Customers.



Franck Namy became the Scutum Group’s CEO in 1992 and has since then led the Group’s fast international expansion through a combination of organic growth and mergers and acquisitions of Safety & Defence, Fire Protection and Electronic Security companies. Franck Namy was nominated ‘Manager of the Year’ by Private Security Awards (2009) and continues to lead the Scutum Group into new heights across all of its core operations around Europe and internationally.

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