Secure connected enterprise

Solutions adaptable to specific vertical requirements and optimised in the Scutum architecture

Companies all have specific security needs shaped by their industry, the nature of their activity, their location.

InfoControl LuX enables the automation of companies’ security relying on a combination of video data, IT event and alarm reports from intrusion detectors, access control and CCTV systems onto a single screen via the cloud. For remote industrial sites, Scutum provides operational remote monitoring solutions using thermal cameras that respond to the complex architectural configurations of these sites, their difficult environment and their very specific needs. Scutum’s counting video solution can be used in a wide variety of applications to provide accurate occupancy counting, helping to manage building utilisation and space efficiencies.


  • InfoControl LuX’s A customised surveillance management platform
  • Remote monitoring solution using thermal cameras for optimal protection of industrial sites
  • A counting video solution with multiple applications
Scutum group