Inform everyone

Information is vital in assessing a company’s risks

Companies are now facing new responsibilities with regards to information and risk management.
Scutum Security First (SSF) has set up daily email alert service that helps them meet these obligations, as well as take full corporate social responsibility for their employees. SSF Locator provides companies with a global view of their employees’ movements and allow them to communicate with each other via email and/or text message. The SSF E-learning platform was designed for all employees planning to travel abroad for professional reasons, and who need to learn appropriate attitudes to adopt during international business trips especially in low-risk countries, substantial risk countries and high-risk countries.


  • Daily email alert service
  • Analysis of security threats in 192 countries
  • 4,000 recipients of alerts
  • Most customers from CAC 40
  • 300+ travel agencies connected
  • E-learning platform to anticipate risks
Scutum group