Ensure operational flexibility

Nothing should delay or stop the delivery of security services

Ensuring the protection of people, infrastructures, goods and data is a 24/7 activity that requires the creation of systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats.

Scutum’s business continuity and recovery plan relies on the group’s certified Alarm Receiving Centres to ensure that, whatever the circumstances, infrastructure, goods, people and data are remotely monitored at any time and always protected. Also, Scutum’s Data Centres enables to detect any malfunction or unavailability of the systems and to launch immediately an alert to inform the customers and resolve the issue.


  • 5 Certified Alarm Receiving Centres: Harlow and Plymouth, UK, Rouen and Toulouse, France and Frankfurt, Germany
  • All ARCs are backup of one another to ensure that, whatever the circumstances, clients are always protected
  • Scutum’s Data Centres are located in its monitoring centres
Scutum group