Scutum Benelux strengthens its position with Spans Protection acquisition

Scutum Group has announced the acquisition of the Brussels-based company Spans Protection. This strategic move extends the group’s footprint on the Belgian market.

Created in 1974, Spans Protection has established itself as a trusted, reliable security provider for small and medium businesses as well as the residential market, and is known for its high level of service. The company provides a broad range of services including maintenance, installation and remote monitoring (currently externally provided).

Spans Protection integrates Scutum Benelux which has been providing security services to Belgium since 2015.

“By integrating the Scutum Group, Spans Protection will be able to broaden its offering. With Scutum at our side, we can slowly learn how to bring large projects such as sports stadium or large building to a successful end. Spans Protection’s knowledge about customers in Brussels and its surrounding regions will also prove helpful for Scutum in Belgium,” says Dirk Spans, Managing Director of Spans Protection. “The future is bright for both Spans Protection and Scutum Group.”

“We are pleased to welcome Spans Protection in the Scutum Group. Spans Protection’s expertise in intruder alarm and remote monitoring strengthens Scutum’s smart security platform which already provides security services in Belgium, while its unique knowledge of the small and medium businesses and of the residential market will help us establish our position on this market segment,” adds François Gysbertsen, Scutum Benelux CEO.

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