Scutum Accelerates Its Development In The Great Lakes Region With Integration Of Thompson Electronics Company

New York City, November 30th, 2023 – Scutum Group, global provider of security and fire protection services, today announced that Thompson Electronics Company (TEC) has joined Scutum North America. This new milestone consolidates the group’s position as a leading security and safety expert in North America. Founded in 1980, Thompson Electronics Company (TEC) provides electronic […]

Scutum Security First integrates Risk&Co-Anticip’s Operations division

Scutum is pleased to announce the integration of the activities of the Risk&Co-Anticip’s Operations division within Scutum Security First (SSF), an entity of Scutum International Security (SIS). The company’s activities are very close to SSF and the integration scope includes a Travel Risk Management tool, economic and strategic intelligence activities and country risk analyses, the […]

Fichet-Bauche Télésurveillance joins Scutum Group

Scutum Group has announced that Fichet-Bauche Télésurveillance, expert in high-risk management with the remote monitoring of assets and people and in lone workers protection, has joined Scutum Group. With more than 30 years of expertise in remote monitoring, Fichet-Bauche Télésurveillance stands out for the high level of service it offers from its two APSAD P5-certified […]


London, April 21st – Scutum Group, a global safety and security service provider, is pleased to announce that Statewide Central Station has accepted the Monitoring Center of the Year – SMB Award by The Monitoring Association (TMA). The TMA Monitoring Center Excellence Awards recognize any FM approved, Intertek/ETL or UL-listed monitoring center and outstanding personnel […]

Employee retention in an evolving world

By Christophe Pourcenoux, Group HR Director Q1. HR experts have been talking about the “Great Resignation” since Covid. What are the reasons behind it? The ‘Great Resignation’ has occurred for a number of reasons, one such being a result of Covid and the many lockdowns it brought with it. People suddenly had time to rethink […]

Scutum Partners with Treedom to plant Trees

Scutum has partnered with Treedom to plant 1,000 trees per year over the next 3 years. This partnership will help the group contribute to a greener and fairer world, as well as absorb some of our carbon emissions. Reducing carbon footprint is not an option anymore and the Glasgow Climate Pact, signed at the COP26 […]

Scutum Group accelerates its development in North America

New York City, November 22nd, 2021 – Scutum Group is pleased to announce that Statewide Central Station in the United States has joined Scutum North America Inc. Founded in 1981, Statewide is a UL Listed, TMA (The Monitoring Association) Five-Diamond Designated central station monitoring all emergency conditions throughout the United States and has established a […]

With the acquisition of the “Activeille sur-mesure” portfolio, Scutum consolidates its national expansion and strengthens its position on the SMB market

May 27th, 2021 Scutum, a major international digital safety and security group, has announced an agreement with Cofintex 6, a subsidiary of the Groupama Group, that specialises in remote monitoring, enabling Scutum to integrate a new portfolio of clients needing tailor-made services, and to strengthen its position on the SMB market more particularly. Scutum is […]

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