Connected knowledge

Sharing data for optimal results

As more data become available, a strong partnership between SCUTUM, customers and local authorities can make a difference when a fire breaks out and ensure a more efficient response.


Scutum’s certified monitoring centres ensure optimal fire protection. All data are shared between all players for an immediate response in case of fire detection: maps of the different systems, action plan. The monitoring centre can immediately analyse the location of the fire and coordinate this with the concerned customer. Scutum’s privileged relationship with local and fire authorities, its knowledge of the situation based on data collected and its understanding of authorities’s needs to operate ensure a fast and efficient response.


  • 4 monitoring centres in Rouen, Toulouse, Rennes (in France) and Harlow (in the UK)
  • A 24/7, 7 days a week service
  • A faster response enabled by sharing data with fire authorities
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