Ensuring the safety of people

Fire signage and equipment are crucial to ensure the safety of staff and visitors and provide clear guidance in the event of an emergency.

Scutum provides a broad range of fire signs and equipment that respond to the needs of companies of all size and help ensure they comply with current legislation which states that all premises should clearly mark emergency exits and escape routes. Scutum’s fire expert team offers consulting services to ensure that buildings have adequate signage, optimally positioned. Scutum also provides a range of extinguishers to cover all potential risks, offering companies installation and maintenance services. Extinguishers are a crucial first step in helping slow down or stop a fire.


  • A legal requirement
  • Signs indicate escape routes, emergency exits, first aid equipment, emergency showers
  • A range of auxiliary and permanent pressure fire extinguishers available
  • Crucial measures to help save lives
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