Connected extinguishers

Pushing the boundaries of innovation

Other than the value they can offer to customers, connected fire extinguishers have a real potential to save lives and protect assets.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought a new perspective into fire protection and Scutum has been working on developing connected extinguishers, always pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide best-in fire protection service and products to customers. Connected extinguishers offer amongst others tracking data (pressure, position & location, date of use.) that would help keep an inventory of the extinguishers and ensure that they are always in working order. Trackers could also signal if something is blocking access to the extinguishers or if one is removed. The potential of these connected extinguishers is important in terms of saving lives and this is why Scutum is investing in this technology.


  • The assurance of fire extinguishers working and accessible in a time of need
  • 24/7 compliant
  • A guaranteed Return on Investment for customers
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