Connected fire detection

Monitoring fire with CCTV solutions

Real-time images enable to rapidly locate and evaluate the fire, and determine the appropriate response to contain it.
Scutum’s LuX solution enables to monitor fire by CCTV. The smart video solution help better manage employee safety, and protect data and assets with real time analysis of images for an immediate response if needed. Temperature monitoring report are sent regularly to customers, and, should temperatures be above average, an alert is launched and contact is made immediately with customers. In case a fire is detected, images are immediately emailed to the designated team for a fast response. The fire is, as a result, located, its importance evaluated, and a targeted action can be organised. An easy solution as existing equipment was be easily upgraded and the infrastructure is simplified.

  • An optimal combination of images at critical locations, IT data and data from fire detection systems for protection of assets and people
  • Remote fire alarm diagnostics
  • Video applications adapted to customers’ requirements
  • A cost-efficient fire detection solution
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